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Selling a house during divorce

When you and your partner bought a house together, you weren’t thinking about what to do with it if the relationship ended. But now, here you are. You have to sell your house after your divorce, and make one of your biggest financial decisions. It is probably one of the most stressful things in your life, but we are here to help you.

Large house for sale after divorce.

What about the house after a divorce?

Selling a home after divorce it’s a tough decision to make. You’re probably asking yourself over and over: What should I do? How do I get rid of the house quickly? If you can sell your house quickly, it may help you to move on from the divorce and give you the spare cash to start a new life.

Selling the house and splitting the money hopefully will give both of you the chance to buy two separate houses.

Is it better to sell a home before or after a divorce?

Are you wondering which option is ultimately better for you? It all depends on the situation. If you and your ex have an amicable relationship then you can try to sell your house before a divorce finalises. Otherwise, we recommend waiting for finalisation.

How can I Sell My House Before the Divorce?

If you both agree to sell the house during your divorce and you both want to sell the house before the divorce is finalised, there is no reason to wait. 

At the very beginning, make sure that:

  • You both have decided and agreed who will be responsible for the sale.
  • In writing describe how you intend to share the money(to make the situation clear).
  • You have decided how much you want to receive for the house.
  • You have decided on the selling method.
  • You have decided how long the sales process can take.
  • You have made a decision on who will prepare the house for sale.

Selling your property before divorce gives you some cash to start from the beginning. Having money from selling your home, you also don’t have to worry about where you will live after the divorce or what house you can buy, because you already know how much money you have. You can simply start making decisions about your new life.

How to sell my house quickly after a divorce

If you and your ex agree that the house needs to be sold. Now you have to choose how to sell.

The traditional process of selling a home can be ​​complicated and stressful. You have to manage all aspects of the sale. It means you must find buyers, negotiate the price, finalise the sale, prepare the paperwork and much more. It may also take time and involves a great deal of work.

If you are looking for a quick home sale and sell your home in a few days. We can offer you a fair and quick quote today. As a property buying company we will save your time, work, sales aspects and stress. 

We buy any property regardless of:

Quick property sales allow you to sell your property in a few days. Usually it takes around 7 days.

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Advantages of Selling your house after divorce to Sell House Quick Now:

  • You can sell your home quickly, less than two weeks.
  • We manage all aspects of the sale.
  • We do not charge for sales assistance.
  • By selling us you will save time and work.
  • You don’t have to wait for people interested in buying. These people are already here.
  • You can sell your home, close this chapter of your life and you may have built a happy and fulfilling life in a different place.
  • Our service is fast, transparent, and entirely bespoke.
  • You receive cash after the sale is finalised.